Career at Esalco

Welcome to Esalco Logistics Career page.
We keep expanding every day with our young, dynamic and highly specialized team. The
secret to our company’s success lies in the power of our team.
We realize that team member experience is at least as important as customer experience.
We provide all members of our family with relevant training for their long-term career
development and support them every step of their career path by maximizing their
participation in these events and trainings.
In our Human Resources page, you will get to know the values that make us who we are and
find answers to your questions about our recruitment process and career policies.

Esalco Logistics Family and Employee Satisfaction

  • At Esalco, we give utmost importance to employee satisfaction.
  • At Esalco, everyone is “his/her own leader”, taking initiative and making decisions to fulfill
    his/her own role.
  • Yearly targets and strategy of our company are set though meetings with the attendance of
    our whole team.
  • At Esalco, open and clear communication is key and employees can take their grievances
    straight to the general manager.
  • At Esalco, we are open to suggestions and take into consideration all input coming from our
    team members.
  • We believe that “actions speak louder than words”. In the performance valuations of our
    team members, satisfaction surveys completed by our customers at regular intervals carry a
    lot of weight.

Recruitment and Career Management

  • The foundational principal of our recruitment policy is placing the best candidates, most
    favorable to our corporate values and culture, at the right positions by planning our
    human resources in the most efficient way in line with the analysis of company needs.
  • We evaluate our candidates in accordance with the foundational and job specific
    competences required by the position. Essential to our corporate culture are being
    proactive, open to changes, customer oriented, collaborative and communicative.


  • As a company that aims to train and create its own executives, we support all our
    employees with implementations such as “in-house and external training”, “training on
    the job” and “job enrichment”.


Join Our Family

Job Postings and Applications

All applications are reviewed thoroughly by our Human Resources officers. All relevant
applications are further assessed and all applications are responded to.

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