The importance of international logistics is constantly increasing in a climate of continued globalization. Both countries and multinationals are increasingly seeing the great importance of investing in logistics strategies. These logistics strategies, which aim to keep costs as low as possible and ensure customer satisfaction, also help companies and countries create a long-term competitive advantage.

The renewal and development of commercial activities are the main motivation for international logistics companies to improve their daily activities. Stockless systems, artificial intelligence innovations, the development of supply chains, increasingly globalized production and consumption cycles all underline the importance of the investments to be made for the development of logistics and international transport.



In a commercial climate where production and needs are restructured very quickly, logistics companies could not limit themselves to their main activities and had to develop value-added services. Thus, the logistics sector has amplified its impact to become one of the most important elements of change in the commercial world. While innovations in the field of international transport have made most changes in production methods viable, new routes and methods of transport have also contributed to the shortening of production times, which has led to the birth of new methods of production. Companies’ logistics strategies and supply chains have become a measure of the efficiency of delivering their products and services.

While international shipping companies have grown in speed and security, the emergence of intermodal and multimodal transport in container transport has accelerated developments in this area. In door-to-door delivery, the integrated use of several logistics disciplines has made it possible to transport freight all across the globe as quickly, safely and as affordably as possible. In addition, measures taken to make the most efficient use of transport vehicles have reduced service costs, thereby maintaining a significant competitive advantage.

In addition to all this, developments in the field of information technology have been a particularly important factor in recent developments international transport. Electronic data interchange technologies have paved the way for the establishment of systems accessible from multiple points in international networks, allowing customers and suppliers worldwide to access transport information related to the same cargo from all points of the same system.

The growth of transport networks, and the increase in the volume of exports and imports in a globalized economic structure have also contributed to the development of subcontracting to meet logistics needs. This model has highlighted the importance of freight forwarding companies. It should also be noted that the importance of a work policy that values customer satisfaction is an essential factor in the selection of logistics service providers. Customers prefer to forge professional partnerships with logistics companies who can establish their logistics supply chain strategies with them, which will help them create the most efficient and affordable solutions, will provide the highest quality service, and shape their production plans according to the terrain that these services make possible.


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As Esalco Logistics, since the beginning of our operations in 2011, our job consists in carrying a product or raw material from one point to another. It may sound simple, but we love the depth behind the simple appearance of logistics. In fact, through each product or raw material that we carry we deliver freedom, time, happiness, technology, well-being, inspiration, colorful discoveries, and the little pleasures of life.


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