Turkey’s rapid transformations in the logistics sector, as well as in other sectors, have resulted in the development of value-added services. The main factor that determines the success of companies competing with others who are capable of producing very similar services in terms of operating costs and quality is their potential to provide a competitive advantage to their customers. The increase in customer demands and expectations have led to the diversification of production methods, and the creation of alternatives in combinations of products and logistics services. Logistics goes beyond its initial definition and becomes measurable according to its added value, its innovative and technological aspect, and its ability to reorganize production methods.

The ability of suppliers to create and present innovative systems becomes more important than their main product or service. For this reason, suppliers who want to be indispensable in the logistics industry go beyond their service provider status and take charge of supply chain management.

The framework of logistics has broadened considerably: starting at the time of collection of raw materials from nature, encompassing the stages of production, the movement of the product within the distribution network, and extending to the time of its delivery to the client. Logistics has therefore become a global system which includes many activities before and after production, such as purchasing, demand management, customs clearance, storage, handling, insurance, packaging, inventory, inventory management, transport services, customer relationship management etc. All of these services are grouped under the name of integrated logistics solutions. It is the companies capable of integrating all of these diverse services and providing them to their customers as a unified system that can successfully become indispensable and maintain a competitive advantage in today’s market.

With technological advances rapidly reshaping global markets, the sustainability of companies depends on far more factors than just a price advantage. Companies must constantly improve both in their areas of expertise and in their approaches to work in order to become more solution-oriented, more flexible, and develop their visions and strategies. The success of companies is undeniably linked to cohesion and coordination between business units. Customer satisfaction lies much more than ever in the efficient execution of integrated logistics services.

The advantages of integrated logistics activities are linked to the success of managing variables which play a large role in logistics activities such as good management of supply efficiency, customer relationship management, logistics coordination, flexibility, environmental responsibility, order processing, etc. Integrated logistics service solutions allow companies to benefit from the resources and expertise of logistics companies, without having to create their own supply management system, and thus, they have the possibility of improving the organization of their production line at a much lower cost.

Among the integrated logistics services, the customs consultancy service makes it possible to facilitate worldwide shipments, by providing necessary information and the relevant documents for each and every traveled territory.

Thanks to cross-docking solutions that are part of integrated logistics services, products can be delivered to the address to which they belong without delay, thus reducing your storage costs.

Another essential element of integrated logistics services is storage. This service, which is becoming more and more integrated in logistics solutions, allows products to be stored under conditions adapted to the products, in a hygienic and safe manner while awaiting expedition.

Finally, all packaging services that take place at any stage of the logistics process are also an important part of integrated logistics services. In addition to all of these services, your logistics service provider should be able to act flexibly in situations that require special logistical support for your product. They should be able to meet your needs with all their knowledge and expertise using all of their skills. It is with effective management of logistics processes that progress and sustainability are possible under today’s competitive conditions.

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As Esalco Logistics, since the beginning of our operations in 2011, our job consists in carrying a product or raw material from one point to another. It may sound simple, but we love the depth behind the simple appearance of logistics. In fact, through each product or raw material that we carry we deliver freedom, time, happiness, technology, well-being, inspiration, colorful discoveries, and the little pleasures of life.


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